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The Three Musketeers

In collaboration with Iris Theatre

St Pauls Church, Covent Garden

August 2018

After interviewing for the position of set designer back in March, we started working with the Iris Theatre the very next day, up until opening night on 5th August 2018. Due to the promenade nature of the performance we created four different 'worlds' for the audience to be taken through, two inside the church itself. 


It’s 1626 and a young d’Artagnan sets out for Paris, determined to join the King’s Musketeers. There’s just one problem, women aren’t allowed. Undaunted, our heroine disguises herself as man and manages to befriend the legendary Musketeer trio Athos, Aramis and Porthos.

The four fast friends are soon caught up in deadly plot involving the Queen, twelve diamonds studs and the safety of the entire French state. Will this mean war with England? Will all four of our heroes survive? And will anyone discover d’Artagnan’s secret?

Now Nominated for an Offiee Award for Best Production For Young People (Ages 8-12)


"Abby & Alice’s set designs really transports you to 17th century Paris, making great use of the quirky garden spaces for each new set." 

- Please Mind The Blog

"This is a brilliantly inventive and immersive production that will delight both children and adults this summer. The setting is highly atmospheric."

- Broadway World . com

"The simple settings by designers Abby and Alice are very effective in creating the locations and their entrances and exits."

-Pocket Sized Theatre

"Visually, this is an astonishingly beautiful show. Abby & Alice’s set design so wonderfully utilises the space. -


There’s so much to look at and engage with which just push this show further."

- The 730 Review

inspiration & development
Concept drawings
Sadie Haque &
the wonderful team of  volunteers at Iris Theatre
Director - Paul-Ryan Carberry
Adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’s novel and set construction - Daniel Winder
Lighting - Ciaran Cunningham
Costume - Kathleen Nellis
Treville - Stephan Boyce
d'Artagnan - Jenny Horsthuis 
Aramis - Albert de Jongh 
Milady - Ailsa Joy
Porthos - Elliot Liburd 
Athos - Matt Stubbs
Constance - Bethan Rose Young 
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